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Adapin Capsules

Adapin Capsules


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What do you know about Adapin?

Adapin is an oral formulation served in both tablet and capsule preparation for the treatment of Mood disorder like depression or anxiety problem. The drug will help in alleviation of mood by providing you sound sleep with help of generic drug called Doxepin. The drug belongs to tricyclic antidepressants.

How the drug "Adapin" helps in mitigating the mood disorders?

The drug soothes the patient by imparting anxiolytic, hypnotic and sleep inducing action. The drug basically alters the natural chemicals found in the brain which are also known as neurotransmitters.

Who cannot use the drug or should not take the drug Adapin?

  • If individual is hypersensitive to the drug Adapin then he/she should not take the drug.
  • Patient with bleeding and enlarged prostate should not take the drug.

Along which drug one should not take the Adapin?

Patient with taking MAO inhibitors like, Linezolid, Rasagiline, Phenelzine, Procarbazine, Moclobemide drugs should not be taken while taking Adapin medication.

How will you keep the Adapin safe and sound?

Keep the drug at room temperature in cool and dry place.

How to take the capsule or tablet of Adapin and other guidelines?

The medication is oral formulation; take the drug around one to three times in a day according to the patient medical condition or doctor's direction one should take the tablet. Most of the time the drug is prescribed during bed time if taking medication once in a day.

What are the possible side effects of the Adapin medication?

One may experience following ill effects like Drying of mouth, dizziness can be experienced to some individual.

What are the precautionary steps one should follow while taking Adapin oral capsule or tablet?

  • Patient with history of seizure or history of suicide attempt should not take the drug Adapin.
  • Patient with arrhythmia should not take the Adapin medication as the drug induces prolongation of QT curve.
  • The drug may induce dizziness so avoid mechanical work and driving.

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