The hormone is a chemical compound secreted from endocrine glands to regulate various processes of our body. Like every other function, there are hormones for the desired process also to regulate sexual and characteristics. The most important hormones of desire comprise of estrogen and testosterone. Hormones are the source of messengers that are secreted in one part of the body to travel the information for another body part.

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Men are also commonly given testosterone supplements by their doctors to treat abnormally low testosterone levels, increase libido, and improve sexual performance.

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Both men and women produce both estrogen and testosterone hormones but in a different amount that will decrease in quantity as they grow old. Both estrogen and testosterone are meant for sexual activities, which are regulated and controlled by the brain along with the hormones.

Estrogen- in women population, it is the most desired hormone for ensuring the balance of optimal sexual health. Alteration in estrogen level generally happens during childbirth, aging, or can be genetic that can lead to a decrease in libido, if the level is disturbed. Neither in low or excess concentration is beneficial because estrogen dominance can create various health problems. Estrogen is mainly accountable for motivating the engagement in sexual behavior for females. During the menopausal stage, a woman observes vaginal dryness. Drop in estrogen level can lead to the thinning of vaginal mucus. All these problems can be treated with estrogen supplements.

Testosterone -
is sometimes confused as male hormone only but it is not so as we have already mentioned the secretion in women also but in different quantity. In both the genders, testosterone is a hormone of desire to play a vital role in sexual desire, responsiveness, and sensitivity. Testosterone in females is a production of ovaries. During the menopausal time, the level of testosterone declines to half due to shut down of ovaries and lead to reduced sexual desire, thinning of pubic hair, mood flatness, skin dryness and a decrease in mental sharpness, with other effects. Low testosterone level in men can lead to low libido, erectile dysfunction, extra weight, and some other problems. Deficiency of testosterone can also be treated by taking testosterone supplements.

The etiology of sexual disorders is a dependent cause on several factors of emotional, physical, psychological, or social aspects.