The use of Abortion pills a key indicator of women's freedom to choose a way of abortion. Most of the women in America as well as in other countries want to get an abortion that is free from surgical equipment it is invasive, costs more and lacks confidentiality. Many of these women did not think they would get pregnant or had concerns about contraceptive methods hampering her work and liberty. With the emergence of the abortion pills as a result of recent development of medical science, a woman is her own doctor for her abortion.

This combination of two generic drugs has an outstanding way of dealing with pregnancy or gestation of up to 63 days. Mifepristone, which comes under the brand of MTP abortion kit, is an efficient and safe approach for every woman who wants to execute abortion at home. With the use of MTP kit it is now very easy to skip all those consequences which a female has to face in any other method of abortion especially surgical abortion.

Buy MTP Abortion Kit Online and its terrific and effective solution to terminate unintentional pregnancy (before 9 weeks).

With the use of MTP abortion kit it is now very easy to skip all those consequences which a female has to face in any other method of abortion especially surgical abortion.

What is the mechanism of action of Mifepristone?

The tablet of Mifepristone, at day 1, starts its action by showing opposite action of the hormone which is responsible for maintaining pregnancy in women. On the other hand Misoprostol adds up to the action of the drug by facilitating contraction of uterine muscles effectively, so that fetus can be expelled out easily.

How should an MTP Abortion Kit be used?

The Combo pack of MTP abortion kit contains a bunch of 5 tablets to bring about a successful abortion. 

Start the dosage from 1 tablet of Mifepristone (contains 1 tablet of 200mg) orally with sufficient glass of water on day 1 and subsequently after 3 to 4 days, it is advised to take 4 tablets of Misoprostol ( 200mcg each), that should be administered orally or vaginally. It is recommended that female should follow-up with a clinical visit after about 14 days of therapy.

What are the side effects a female may get while using MTP abortion kit?

During the period of abortion via MTP abortion kit a women can have some transitory effects such as vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, mood swings, abdominal cramping and fatigue.

What safety measures I need to follow while using MTPabortion kit?

A female must avoid this abortion pills in certain medical as well as other individual conditions like if she is having ectopic pregnancy i.e. a pregnancy outside the uterus and allergic to MTP abortion kit or any other chemical components in it. Ask your doctor, if you have blood group Rh negative. An IUD(a type of contraceptive devices inserted into uterus) must be removed, if any present, before you use MTP abortion kit. Do not take it in case you are having chronic adrenal failure or you are a pregnant or breast feeding mother or allergic to this drug.

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