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Buy Chantix-Champix | Varenicline Tablets

Buy Chantix-Champix | Varenicline Tablets

Varenicline tablets

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1 Pack Starter Pack - ( 11 Tabs x .5mg + 14 Tabs x 1mg ) $132.99 $132.99
2 Packs 1 Month refill - ( 2 packs of 28 tabs x 1 mg ) $112.00 $223.99
4 Packs 2 Months refill - ( 4 packs of 28 tabs x 1 mg ) $111.75 $446.99


Know interesting facts apropos to Chantix/Champix:

Chantix/Champix are not just alternatives to a cigarette but are a complete treatment for the people who are determined to quit smoking and are on the way but are facing difficulties in the omission of smoke. Due to the aftermath of the smoke and other associated reasons allied to withdrawal such as anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, constipation, increased appetite, irritation and much more. These chewable tablets instantly cut down the craving for the nicotine.

Action forte of Chantix/Champix:

Varenicline is the iconic element present in the above-mentioned brands that assert people under the abuse of smoking to quit the same as soon as possible. The active module of medication mimics the effect of the nicotine on the human body, present in the cigarette. The medication counters both craving to smoke and tranquil the person from the weird symptoms of its withdrawal, by interfering or partly stimulating the nicotinic receptors present within the brain cells.

Dosing calendar for Chantix/Champix:

The medicine is available in strength of 0.5mg that is prescribed to be taken only once in a day, for the first three days of commencing the therapy then follow the regimen for two times in a day stretching to four to seven days. Then the dose can be raised to 1 mg for next 11 weeks, to be taken twice in a day. The perfect time to take the medicine is after the meals, like breakfast or supper.

However, the symptoms worsen to the sink level, after the interval of 24 hours of omission but the patient can achieve the slow and steady ease after the lapse of min 2-4 weeks. As the recovery is slow that's why the smokers relapse and again begin to smoke to shelter themselves from the withdrawal symptoms. But this is a common observation that after the passage of first 4 weeks (most difficult phase) patient are able to quit smoking completely id they complete the 12-week regimen.

Few allied prudent foresight to be followed with Chantix/Champix:

  • Patient having a past record for seizures and suicide fall under critical vigilance so it is important for them to seek the frequent advice of the physician.  
  • If in case, the patient develops any sort of allergy after the medicine intake or cigarette quitting then they must seek for physician advice.
  • Patient suffering from issues of vital organs such as kidney, lungs, cardiac or liver they physician consultation is utmost crucial prior commencing therapy.
  • Cut down the boozing whilst relying on the therapy.

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