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Xenical 60mg | Orlistat 120mg pills

Orlistat (or li stat)

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buy xenical online (Orlistat 60mg or 120mg)

Product description of Xenical 60mg or 120mg pills:

Xenical is a most popular weight loss medication used by an obese person to lose his or her body weight. To get maximum weight loss in short-span of time,  this medicine should be taken in combination with a low-calorie diet to decrease body weight, which reduces the health risks linked with obesity including cardiac ailments, diabetes, hypertension and a shorter life. Xenical not only helps in weight loss but also stops from the risk of regaining weight previously lost. Xenical encloses a generic drug called Orlistat.

Action mechanism of Xenical 60mg or 120mg pills:

Orlistat exhibits its curative effect by blocking the working of certain enzymes known as gastric and pancreatic lipases. The inhibition of these enzymes blocks the breakdown of triglycerides from the foods into absorbable free fatty acids. Therefore, these fats or triglycerides are excreted unchanged from the body.

Dosing schedule of Xenical 60mg or 120mg pills:

Xenical is available in the market in two dosing strengths of 60mg and 120mg. Take 120mg of Xenical via the oral route thrice a day long with the certain amount of fats in meals or within 1 hour of completing the meal. For maximum results, an obese individual should remain on nutritionally balanced or reduced-calorie diet along with Xenical to lose extra pounds.  Do not recommend this medicine to children under 12 years of age and never take this medication for more than six months.

Contraindications of Xenical 60mg or 120mg pills:

  • Do not recommend Xenical to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, as it may harm a growing a child or developing fetus respectively.
  • Do not use Xenical if you are suffering from any of these medical conditions including chronic malabsorption syndrome, cholestasis or allergic reactions with generic Orlistat or any other components of Xenical.

Side effects of Xenical 60mg or 120mg pills:

A user of Xenical may experience some side effects while relying on the weight loss program with this medicine such as tummy ache, unsettled stomach, rectal pain, oily or fatty stools, vomiting, gas, and lack of ability to control bowel movements.

Precautionary steps:

  • Diabetic patients must consult their doctor before relying on the weight loss program with Xenical. 
  • Avoid the intake of Xenical If you are taking cyclosporine subsequent to organ transplants, for severe rheumatoid arthritis and some severe skin conditions.
  • Do not use anticoagulants or blood thinning agents, like Warfarin while relying on the treatment with Xenical.
  • For maximum benefits, you must include diet, exercise, and weight control method while using Xenical to reduce your excess body weight.
  • Always try to take Xenical along with meals containing some amount of fats; otherwise, it does not help you to lose weight. 

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