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Efudex Cream

Efudex Cream

Fluorouracil Topical

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Efudex is an excellent dosage form that is primarily used to treat basal cell cancer of the skin and actinic keratoses skin cancer. It is a topical preparation that is utilized by an individual to which is a best remedy to treat pre cancerous and cancerous skin growth.

It is a potent synthetic derivative of anti metabolite as a core ingredient, which is a pyrimidine analogue, and is named as Fluorouracil.   

This dosage form is also used to treat Bowen's disorder.

How Efudex works in the body?

This is an amazing dosage form that causes its precious action against cancer by inhibiting the growth and development of cancerous cells that is responsible to developed skin cancer.  

How should you take Efudex?

Apply a thin layer of this drug on the affected skin twice in a day, once in a morning and second dose at bedtime.  It is beneficial to take this drug at the same time daily. The treatment session can be varying from person to person. This dosage form usually taken for 2 to 4 weeks but it can also take 2 months to get complete recovery. Apply this drug on the skin with a sterile non metal applicator, clean fingers or with the help of gloves.   

To maintain the effectiveness of this drug, it is beneficial to take this drug as per the recommended manner, without changing, increasing or missing any dose of this drug and you must take the prescribed dose at their specific time.

You may experience some unwanted effects during the first week of treatment like irritation, redness, swelling and scaly. But these are the symptoms that confirms the effectiveness of this drug and don't stop the use of this drug.

Who should not take Efudex?

The use of this drug is avoided due to some health issues like:

  • Allergic problem to this drug
  • Bone marrow suppression due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • Breast feeding woman
  • Patient don't have malignant illness

The utilization of this dosage form is avoided along with anti coagulant drugs like Warfarin, anti viral drugs like Sorivudine and Allopurinol.

Important facts about Efudex:

This topical preparation should be consumed through mouth either intentionally or unintentionally.

Avoid direct or indirect application of this drug into the eyes or eyelids, nose or mucus membrane. 

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