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Mircette | Contraceptive Pill

Desogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol

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Mircette is an effective and safe oral contraceptive pill, which can be indicated to prevent pregnancy in females. It is a combination of two main active ingredients like generic Ethinyl estradiol and Desogestrel. Apart from prevention of pregnancy, Mircette is also used to make your menstrual periods more normal, reduce painful periods (dysmenorrheal), decrease blood loss and lesser your risk of ovarian cysts formation.

How Mircette works?

  • Mircette prevents pregnancy by hindering the process of ovulation (release of egg from ovary).
  • It prevent pregnancy by making lots of changes in your uterine lining and cervical mucus, making it hard for sperm to attain the womb and more tricky for a fertilized egg to insert to the womb.

Who should not take Mircette?

  • Overweight and high cholesterol levels
  •  Heart disorders like heart attack, angina, and high blood pressure;
  • Breast lumps and also depression
  • Liver or gall bladder issues
  • Diabetes
  • Renal and hepatic dysfunction

Drugs interact with Mircette-

  • Aromatase inhibitors
  • Paritaprevir and ritonavir
  • Tamoxifen, Tranexamic acid
  • St. John's wort
  • HIV medications such as Amprenavir, Nevirapine, Ritonavir
  • Anti-epileptics such as Carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Primidone

How to use Mircette?

This medication is administered as orally once on a daily basis. Take a single Mircette tablet at the same time every day. Mircette packet contains total 28 pills. 21 hormonal pill (with both hormones) 7 is non-hormonal pills. 21 tablets of Mircette are to consume for 21 days in a row and after that get 7 non-hormonal pills for 7 days.

Side effects of Mircette-

  • Breast lumps
  • Mood changes
  • Pain in the chest and stomach
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Severe headache
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  •  appetite loss
  • Trouble seeing
  • Mild nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps

Safety measures to be adopted while taking Mircette-

  • Quit smoking while taking this therapy.
  • Mircette doesn't protect from AIDS/HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Drinking of alcohol is strictly avoided while taking this drug.
  • Girls below the age of 17 years should not take this medicine.

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