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Buy Nuvigil 150 mg

Buy Nuvigil 150 Mg Online | Generic Armodafinil 250 Mg tablets | Artvigil

Generic Armodafinil Tablets | Nuvigil 150 Mg

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Buy Nuvigil 150mg Online | Generic Armodafinil tablets

Concise overview about Nuvigil 150 mg:

Nuvigil generic Armodafinil medication that promotes wakefulness in adults who feel sleepy. The reason behind excessive sleep is narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or shift work sleep disorder. Nuvigil is the first line treatment for promoting wakefulness. Nuvigil is used in case of sleep disorder, obstructive sleep disorder, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorders.

Mode of action of Nuvigil 150 mg tablets: 

Nuvigil comes under the class of Eugeroics that are stimulants, which provide long-lasting mental arousing. Armodafinil is indirect dopamine receptor agonists that functions by coupling to dopamine transporter and so inhibit dopamine reuptake. With wake-promoting effect, it also produces psychoactive and euphoric eff.

Dosage information of Generic Nuvigil 150 mg tablets: 

For obstructive sleep disorder or narcolepsy: The dose needed for treating narcolepsy or obstructive sleep disorder is 150 to 250 mg once per day through oral route as a single dose in morning hours. People who feel sleepy due to shift work disorder should take 150 mg once per day through orally as a single dose before one hour from the start of the shift. You can ingest this drug with or without meals. This treatment prolongs for up to 12 weeks. This drug is usually ingested in morning hours to restrict daytime sleepiness.

Contraindications with Generic Nuvigil armodafinil 150 mg tablets: 

  • Do not use Nuvigil when you are allergic to Armodafinil.
  • Never use in patients below 17 years of age without medical advice.

Warnings and precautions with armodafinil Nuvigil 150 mg tablets: 

  • Let your doctor know about your medical condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure, mental illness, alcohol addiction, liver disorder, and kidney disorder.
  • If you observe skin rashes, fever, or swelling of face or tongue, tell your doctor.
  • You should not share it with the person who has a history of drug abuse.
  • Cease intake of alcoholic beverages.
  • Nuvigil interferes with your thinking process so be careful while doing work that requires alertness.

Some Ill effects with Nuvigil 150mg tablets: 

You may observe many side effects with Nuvigil such as

  • Headache, dizziness
  • Insomnia, nausea
  • Unusual bleeding, muscle weakness
  • Bruising, numbness
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Hallucination, aggression
  • Severe skin reaction, liver problem

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