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buy Synthroid online

Buy Synthroid online

Levothyroxine Sodium

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Get complete information of Synthroid:

Synthroid is the top-selling medicine for treatment of hypothyroidism, in this condition thyroid gland fails to create enough thyroid hormone This medicine has shown its effectiveness in preventing a disease known as "goiter", in this condition, neck gets swell due to an enlarged thyroid gland and generally happens due to hormonal imbalance or radiation treatment .  This medicine is a clinically proven method for treating certain types of thyroid tumors. Synthroid medicine is made up of an FDA approved compound known as "Levothyroxine".

Get to know the exact mechanism of action of Synthroid:

Generic Levothyroxine is an artificial form of thyroxin (T4). Thyroxin hormone is secreted by the thyroid gland in the body and influences almost all cells of the body.  Generic Levothyroxine acts similarly as thyroid hormone, when reaching in the body it is converted into its active metabolite, L-triiodothyronine (T3) and improves metabolism. In this way, this medicine helps to manage hypothyroidism.

Get to know a complete dosage recommendation of Synthroid:

Synthroid medicine is available in various dosing strengths of 50mcg, 100mcg, 137mcg, 150mcg, and 200mcg. In hormonal replacement therapy, a person needs to start the therapy with a dosing strength of Synthroid 25-50 mcg through the oral route, with a colossal amount of water at a gap of 4 weeks until the deficiency of thyroid gets overcome. A person needs to maintain a dosing of 100-200 mcg on daily basis for treating hypothyroidism. If your age is over 50 & lower than 60 years then you have to start with the lowest dose of 25-50 mcg daily. If this medicine is used in children and neonates, then the advised dose calculated on basis 10-15 mcg/kg/day of child's body weight.

Get to know the conditions in which Synthroid is contraindicated:

  • A person is strictly prohibited from consuming Synthroid medicine in case of anemia,  pituitary gland disorder, uncontrolled adrenal gland disorder, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes and in some heart, liver & kidney disorders.
  • In the case of hypersensitivity to any constituent to Synthroid medicine, a person needs to avoid the intake of this medicine.

Get to know the side effects of Synthroid:

A person may face some of the side effect of Synthroid medicine like nausea, pain in the jaw, back & neck, swelling of the face, lips, throat, & tongue, pain in arms, stiffness in the chest, sweating, augmented appetite, depression, muscle weakness and recurrent mood swings.

Get to know the precautionary measures to be taken care in mind:

  • A person need not start the therapy with Synthroid medicine if the patient has received radiation therapy with iodine.
  • A woman who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant must take the advice of a physician before taking Synthroid medicine.
  • Tell your medical history to the doctor before your doctor prescribes Synthroid medicine.
  • You need to avoid the consumption of alcohol with Synthroid medicine as it may increase the side effects of this medicine.

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