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Tazret Gel .05% 15 GM

Tazret Gel .05% (15 gm)


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Tazret gel is a choice of drug that is an efficient remedy to get prevention against severe acne condition. It is a potent synthetic derivative of retinoid as a core ingredient, which is a vitamin A metabolite, and is named as Tazarotene.  

This dosage form is also used to treat sun damaged skin.

How Tazret gel works in the body?

This is an outstanding dosage form that reveals its valuable action by affecting the growth and development of skin cells to reduce the number and severity of skin problems. This drug is also proves its effectiveness by potentiating the healing phenomena of pimples.

How should you take Tazret gel?

Apply a thin layer on the affected skin once a day, beneficial to apply it after evening or at bedtime. Take adequate amount of this drug on the clean and dry skin by using fingertips. Apply this drug with smooth and gentle rubbing.

Severe hypersensitivity problem on the skin can be occurred due to the excessive use of this drug for prolong period.

Redness, swelling, burning sensation, photosensitivity, itching, tingling, dryness, irritation, warmth, blistering and changes in skin color  are the minor side effects that may occur after using this drug.

Who should not take Tazret gel?

The use of this drug is avoided due to some health issues like:

  • Allergic problem to this drug
  • Pregnancy
  • Sunburned and eczematous skin 

The utilization of this dosage form is avoided along with other topical preparations and you must avoid taking some drugs that causes photosensitivity like phenothiazine, anti psychotic drugs, thiazide diuretics and Fluoroquinolone.

Important facts about Tazret gel:

This is a topical preparation that only meant for external use; so avoid intentional or unintentional direct or indirect contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

You must wrap or cover your face with a clean cloth or apply sunscreen lotion on your skin before going out from home.

You must wash your skin with a mild soap or face wash properly in the morning.  

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